Sunday, April 3, 2011

Look out Seattle and Bellevue here comes Cupcake D' Lish!

 In case you were wondering why I look a little heavier these days, its because my wife Jennifer and a few partners have opened a Gourmet Cupcake business. Based in on the Eastside in Snoqualmie and Renton, her company, Cupcake D' Lish is focused on delivering great tasting gourmet cupcakes through catering, farmers markets (Issaquah), and other outlets.

The next time you see me, I should have lost the 5 pounds or so I enjoyed earned tasting all these cupcakes. See you soon.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fans mourn death of Eastside BBQ legend | Bellevue News

Fans mourn death of Eastside BBQ legend Bellevue News

What is there to say other than Bellevue just lost a legend. When I moved here 10 yrs ago from the east coast, I paid a visit to Dixie's and met Gene. Every time I went back, I brought friends, family and co-workers. I got a chance to spend some time out back with him fooling around with brisket on the smoker and sharing recipes and such. One time, we had just finished up a bunch of brisket sandwhiches and he comes by a grabs me and takes back into the kitchen. He hands me a 10 or 12 pound smoked brisket, wrapped up and says "thank you, this is for your family" My jaw dropped at the selflessness Gene possesed. While not everyone got a kick out of going to Dixie's, he always seemed to care about you having a good time and really enjoying the BBQ.

Nothing was funnier than watch a buddy of mine pull into the driveway during lunch and hold up traffic. Gene came runnng out a gave him hell. After he (in suit & tie) finally got his BBQ, he proceeded to add ketchup and at that point Gene slapped it out of his hand and yelled, "this ain't no dressed up ketchup" and dabbed on some "Man" sauce. I was in tears. He just looked at me and smiled. That is the Gene I remember. Rest in peace my friend and keep the smoker up there full of wood...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Your gonna need a Brinks truck.

As I write this in late January, I'm reflecting on the past couple of months and how busy everything has been, and how much money we have spent. Right after Thanksgiving (thanks Wendy), we decided to head out to Orcas Island for a little R&R at a seaside cabin. This time of year, ferry rates have gone down and the lines are not that long.

On Orcas island, we shopped, ate, and ate. From the Sunflower Cafe for lunch to Lu Lu's Pasta Rustica for dinner, to an outstanding, post Moran State Park lunch at Cafe Olga in, you guesed it, Olga. Before we left the island, we did find a gem that should not be missed in Teezer's Cookies. One suggestion is to make sure you bring plenty of money when hanging in the San Juans. Dining prices are about 20% or so higher than nearby cities so get used to it.

As December set in, things were very hectic with our Term Life Insurance business, and teh launch of our Teachers Retirement website. Kudos to the folks at Bayview Limousine for getting us to and from the airport at such crazy hours. If you need a great Seattle limo service, Bayview is it. We did spend a few weeks down in cold South Florida for the Holidays and it feels good to be back. Until next time, check out my Yelp profile and let me know what you think.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What is going on...

If you can read this, then I am probably still alive. Having left UBS in April, we are settled into a great organization in Bellevue called Sound Consulting Services. Still cooking a lot these days and looking forward to a Cajun dinner bash at our place on Halloween night.

At some point, it would be great to get some sleep after suffering through the first couple of games for the Miami Dolphins and working 12 hour days. Being busy is good, as we launch new endeavors like TermMonster and other cool businesses. Seacrest out...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Still breathing through the financial crisis...

Looking forward to adding some serious content when this thing settles down a bit. Until then, go Dolphins.


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